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If you have children in the house, electrical safety procedures must be adhered to. The best way to go about is to get a local electrician in Independence, Missouri to check all your electrical fitting. Let’s have a look at a few things that you can do around the house to make sure the safety of your children is not compromised.

Overstuffed Outlets

Many people install power strips on their single power outlet so that they can connect more than one device at the same time. The chances of a kid discovering them and attempting to play with them are significant. Children can pull cords out of sockets, putting them at risk of electric shock. Ensure that your devices are distributed throughout the house. Extension cords should be placed in areas where children cannot reach them.

Instruct Your Kids Not To Play Near Electrical Equipment

Children should be encouraged to play outside without you having to worry about them getting too close to power lines. However, there may be several electrical equipments installed on the outside as well. When children are playing or running around, they can touch them. Make sure to explain to your children the dangers of approaching the transformer box in your yard. This box is a voltage transformer, and interacting with it incorrectly can be quite dangerous. Also instructing the kids about avoiding power lines when they play with a ball or fly a kite is important. Children must be taught that if their toy becomes stuck near electrical equipment, they must notify you and not attempt to recover it themselves.

Safety Caps

Children are generally curious and power outlets on walls can catch their eye. Plastic wall plugs are a great way to close the socket when not in use so that children do not poke their fingers in or place any objects in the socket. Closing the electrical sockets will also save energy as it blocks the cold drafts from coming into your home.

Keep Appliances Away From Sink

As most of you are aware, electricity and water are a lethal combination. It is also necessary to explain this to children. When not in use, keep all gadgets such as hair straightening irons and blow dryers away from the sink. Toasters, grills, and mixers should be kept away from the sink so that children do not touch them with damp hands.

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