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Electricians in Lexington

Need an Electrician in Lexington, Missouri? Look No Further Than Edwards!

Do you need help with installation, repair, upgrades, or help figuring out the best way to safely wire your next electrical project? Call Edwards Electric LLC today, and take care of business with a team of professionals with your satisfaction and safety at the top of their checklist!

Our skilled, experienced, and professional electricians are ready to tackle all of your residential electrical needs. From traditional lighting and outlets to smart switches and USB outlets, we’re here to get the job done right.

With a wide list of great services available, the Edwards name is synonymous with handling the traditional and the bold when it comes to electrical projects. Here are some of the top services in demand in the Lexington, Missouri area:

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Service upgrades

New appliances, new tech, and new members of the household can sneak up faster than you expect! Kids who age into their guitar amp age, eSports players with gaming computers, designers using 3D printers, or even outdoor shop projects with big electrical demands might put stress on homes wired during simpler times


No power, even though the power company definitely has a bill for you? Can’t figure out why some outlets seem to trip the breaker more often than others? Let us take a look, and take comfort in the fact that we have a solution for any repair or upgrade option for our residential customers.

Dedicated circuits

If you have a massive demand from a powerful system, keeping it on a separate circuit is wise. We can design and install dedicated circuits for your indoor and outdoor appliances to keep life convenient while maintaining top tier electrical safety.

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