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Thousands of fires caused in homes across the United States every year can be easily prevented. There are simple things that people can follow and be safe. Proper use and maintenance of your electrical devices regularly can be the first step to help prevent fire. It is advisable to get the local electrician in Kansas City to do regular checks. Simple tips that you can apply to keep your property safe are:

Stop Overloading Power Sockets

Many people use extension boards to increase the number of sockets they can use. This is really dangerous as the main socket is meant to serve a certain amount of power only. The extension board increases the load on the main power socket and can lead to a short circuit. The gadgets attached to the extension cord can get damaged due to fluctuations. To prevent this, make sure your main circuit breaker has a surge protector that will switch off power to the power socket that overloads. Install new outlets with fresh wiring if you have a lot of gadgets in the house.

Flammable Objects Should Be Placed Away From Electrical Sockets

It is very important for you to keep all flammable items at a little distance from your power outlets or cords.  Things like furniture, curtains, and any other decorations should not be anywhere near the outlets as they are easy to catch fire if the outlet malfunctions. Even a tiny spark from the outlet can burn your entire house down. Check your electrical sockets and cords regularly to see if they are overheating. If they are, get them replaced immediately.

 Unplug Devices When Not In Use

Most households contain a high number of electronic devices or appliances that are constantly hooked into power outlets. However, only a few people disconnect their devices while they are not in use. Some gadgets, such as the refrigerator, cannot be unplugged. However, there are others, like the television, that can be. If it is too time-consuming, you can unplug small appliances and equipment such as toasters. Microwaves and other kitchen gadgets.  Make it a habit to disconnect equipment when you leave the house, as this can help avoid fires. Replace older devices, as they are prone to problems.

Edwards Electric LLC, the electrical contractors in independence & Kansas city, can arrange for an electrical inspection of your home. Our skilled electricians in Kansas city will check your property and repair any electrical problems you may have. Our clients’ safety is very important to us, so please contact us if you require any assistance with your electricity.

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