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A good amount of light in every corner of your bedroom will help you highlight every space in it. As you spend a lot of time in your bedroom and being the most personal space in the house, having the right amount of lighting is important. It’s a space where you sleep, read, work, and spend a lot of time with your family. The perfect lighting will help ensure the bedroom is cozy and comfortable. A few options that will help elevate your bedroom are below.

Suspended Lights

These lights, also known as pendant lights, can make your bedroom the most beautiful room in the house. These lights hang from the ceiling and will save room on your bedside tables where lamps would normally be put. The light will be directed downwards if opaque lampshades are used. If your bedroom is tiny, utilize smaller hanging lights. These lights require a good design plan before installation. If you live in Kansas, you should get an Edward Electricals electrician in Kansas City to help install them. 

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add a spark and magic to your bedroom, wherever you hang them, and completely change the vibe of your room. They can be hung on the top of your headboard or the top of the curtain rods. They are generally inexpensive and are not that difficult to install. You can choose warm white light bulbs if you want to create a bright aesthetic. A professional electrician can help in choosing the perfect fairy lights for your bedroom.


These lights are generally used as a secondary light source. They help in accentuating the decor that has been placed in your bedroom. They help with toning down the brightness of your bedroom. There are convenient and flexible dimmable LED lights that can be adjusted if you want to create a relaxed atmosphere. 

Some lights are mainly used in areas such as walk-in wardrobes or storage rooms. Don’t put those lights right above your bed or too close to your wall as these lights can make your room seem smaller due to the shadows they create.

To get the best ideas and solutions for your bedroom lighting, call Edwards Electrical’s professional electricians and electrical contractors near me. We can install the lights professionally and even give you other options after looking at the space. 

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