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Electrician in Raytown

As experienced electricians, we at Edwards Electric LLC know that the best place to find a knowledgeable electrician in Raytown is to look on our team. We value integrity, quality work and honesty in our electricians. No homeowner wants to be on the receiving end of deceitful recommendations or shoddy repairs. We at Edwards Electric take our work quality and our customer care personally. As a family owned business, we wouldn’t consider doing business any other way. Here are just a few of the things that our electricians can help you with:

Appliance Wiring and Installation

Getting a new dishwasher or electric dryer? You may want to call one of our electricians before your appliance gets delivered. Codes have changed over the years, and regulations are now stricter about the types of wiring that you can have to support appliances like dishwashers and electric dryers. An electrician from our team can inspect your wiring and let you know whether you can install your appliance with the wiring you have, or if changes are needed. If electrical wiring needs to be updated prior to installing your appliance, we can help with that too. The last thing that you want is for your appliance install to be delayed because your wiring isn’t up to code.

Repairs for Those Annoying Issues

Grounded outlets are an amazing asset to your home, provided they work correctly. The same goes for accent lighting and light fixtures. If you have nonfunctioning electrical sockets, accent lighting that’s not working or grounded outlets that aren’t working properly, you’re probably pretty frustrated. Grounded outlets are supposed to give you an added layer of safety, rather than tripping off the electricity multiple times a day. Accent lighting is supposed to add dimension to your home’s interior, and not make your home look scattered and creepy. One of our electricians can lower your frustration level and fix the issues that you need fixed.

Let our excellent team of electricians handle both the upgrades and the annoyances for your family.

Contact us today at www.edwardselectricllc.com or at 816-214-091.