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Residential Electrician

As a homeowner, you want an electrician who can diagnose and fix the electrical problems specific to your home. You also want someone who has expertise as far as fixing electrical issues in other peoples’ homes, rather than in fixing other electrical problems. In this case, the professional that you are looking for will be a residential electrician. Residential electricians focus their craft on the electrical repairs and troubleshooting that take place in residences (people’s homes). This means that a qualified residential electrician will be more familiar with the electrical problems common to homes in your area. A residential electrician will also be specifically trained to do home electrical repairs.

Want to Know More About Residential Electricians?


A residential electrician has completed a different training path than industrial or commercial electricians. Training for residential electricians focuses exclusively on making electrical repairs in private residences. Residential electricians are also trained to troubleshoot


Residential electricians (as the name implies) work primarily in private residences and complete repairs within homes. They can also help with electrical troubleshooting and help homeowners to fix electrical issues. Along with home repairs, residential electricians can make repairs and complete wiring tasks in back and front yards


Residential electricians are trained to utilize the types of wiring and wiring systems that are used within private homes. Since homes require different wiring than other structures, residential electricians know exactly how to wire your home for your needs. Residential electricians know how to get your electrical repairs done in a functional way that also fits in with your unique home.

What Can a Residential Electrician Do for Me?

A residential electrician makes it his or her business to know the fine details of electrical code for your home and for your area. Residential electricians are able to repair problems with your electrical wiring, repair or upgrade your home’s electrical panel and troubleshoot problems within your home’s electrical system. A residential electrician is also trained to read blueprints for your home and inspect your wiring in order to determine if it is functioning as it should.