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Employees today spend more time in the office. What affects them most is the temperature and lighting in the building. Modern offices lack natural light. To that effect, offices need to be bright and well lit. Light has an enormous effect on our mental and physical well-being.

Most offices have artificial lighting and this type of lighting cannot mimic natural light at all. They are usually very dim or dull. Dull lighting causes drowsiness and can cause strain to your eyes. Lights that are too bright can cause damage to your sleep cycle and also trigger cluster headaches and migraines. Both extremes of low light and bright light can cause employees to become distracted and impact the motivation of the employees too. 

The productivity of employees is deeply rooted in the satisfaction that employees feel at the workplace. Bad lighting situations that cause you to be exhausted can create poor morale and negative work performance. To improve productivity, here are a few lighting options that a business can adopt.

Natural Light

Natural light in the workplace is the most preferred choice for improving productivity. Natural light can positively affect the body as our eyes don’t have to strain as much as they do in fluorescent light. Natural light improves mood and positive behavior. Not every office space can have access to natural light, so workplaces can opt for other options.

LED Lights – Understanding Variations in Lighting

LED lights have replaced natural lighting systems as a viable option. They have a longer lifespan, making them a good investment for offices. These are the ideal option because they are available in a variety of light temperatures. LED technology is cutting-edge, and it can even simulate natural light. These light temperatures can be adjusted as required. Warm lighting can be utilized in the morning, yellow lighting during the afternoon, and finally cold lighting at the end of the workday. According to numerous published reports, this method is utilized in a variety of offices throughout the world, to assist employees to enhance their productivity.

 Lighting Choices to Improve Productivity 

To recap, dim lighting can be affect the overall productivity at workplaces, while cooler, blue or natural lighting can improve productivity. Many multinational offices that have opted for better lighting options have witnessed a significant improvement in output.

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