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High utility bills can upset your budget.  If you are wondering why the utility bills are spiking and what to change, you need help. An experienced electrician in Kansas city can help give you tips on how to reduce your energy bills. Let’s check out how a few changes can make a big difference in this regard.

Change all Your Existing Lights to LED

Changing all your outdated lighting to LED will help reduce the energy bill significantly. LED lights consume a lot less energy than regular lights. They last longer, sometimes even up to 10 years. They also produce less heat than traditional bulbs, which will help when using your air conditioner to cool the house. 

Shaded Air Conditioners

Having air conditioner outdoor units facing direct sunlight can lead to a ten percent increase in energy bills. Always keep the unit under a shaded area, or add a few plants in the vicinity, so that the unit does not get overheated. 

Energy Star Rated Appliances

Appliances with an Energy Star rating are certified to consume the least amount of power. Replace your outdated appliances with energy-efficient ones to help with your energy savings. In some places, you may be eligible to receive tax benefits when you use energy-efficient appliances or lights. 

Reduce Hot Water Usage

Always keep in mind, you don’t have to keep your water heater on all the time. Whether it is a gas heater or an electrical heater, they consume a large amount of electricity. Put it on when you need to shower and turn it off when not in use. Fixing leaks in your water supply will help keep the water hot for longer. 

Power Extension Strips

Due to a large number of gadgets at home these days, the use of extension strips has increased tremendously. A lot of the extension strips have multiple plugs that may not be in use at any given point in time, but they still consume power. Remove any extra gadgets that are not in use or buy extension strips that have individual switches to power on and off the device.


 Above are some of the basic tips for conserving power. To further check and know what you can do to save utility bills, hiring an experienced local electrician nearby your home can make it easy. Electricians can come and verify if all the equipment and power connections are in working order and also work with you in creating a low energy cost home.


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