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As the holiday season approaches, electric bills across the country are about to nudge a little higher due to holiday light displays and decorations. Perhaps you have big decorating plans for this festive season. If you’re going to be setting out lights, inflatables or any decoration that requires an electrical current, you’ll want to do so safely. Here’s how:

Testing and Checking Lights Before Decorating

Your local electrician in Raytown knows that it’s important to check your lights before you start stringing them onto your roof or placing them in your bushes. Taking this important first step can help you avoid electrical fires, sparking, and the annoying task of having to replace bulbs after your lights are already in place. Bring the lights and decorations that you plan to use into your house and take a look at the entirety of the wiring involved. Check for frayed wires and if you find them, it’s time to replace the decoration in question. Also, take the time to plug in each decoration or light string to make sure everything works as it should.

Creating an Even Load on Electrical Circuits

While having a big light display is exciting and beautiful, make sure that you don’t plug all of your lights and decorations into the same electrical circuit. Overloading any of your home’s electrical circuits is a recipe for disaster. If you think you may need to install additional outlets or exterior outlets, consult a local electrician. Electricians near you can help you to pick a location for your outlets that fit your holiday decorating plans and your everyday life. Make sure that you plan before you plug everything in.

Protecting Plugs and Connections Adequately

Since rain and snow abound during the holidays, make sure that you also take the time to protect your decorations from moisture. Electricians in Grain Valley know that it’s important to plug your decor into an outlet that has GFCI, so that if water gets into the line, the power to that electrical line will shut off quickly before sparking or something worse occurs. It’s also a great idea to seal the connections between your wires. If you are plugging two lines of holiday lights together, place a plug cover over the joined plugs. This keeps the connection safe from water exposure.

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