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As a homeowner, it’s easy to fall into a set of comfortable routines without thinking about the safety of those routines. No matter how comfortable your routines make you feel, you may have gotten used to some unsafe habits when it comes to your electrical system. Here are some hazardous routines that you may be engaging in that could significantly increase your risk of an electrical fire:

Hazard #1: Cords Running Under Rugs or Carpet 

Naturally, it’s unsightly to have electrical cords running across your room to power appliances. It may look better to run your cords under carpet or rugs to try to hide them, but this disguise drastically increases your fire risk. If you’d rather not be troubled by trying to hide electrical cords, talk with an electrician in Raytown. An electrician can help you determine an optimal place to install a new outlet so that you don’t have to run long electrical cords across the room to faraway appliances or devices. Electricians can make sure that your home’s electrical system fits you and reduces your fire risk as well.

Hazard #2: Altering Your Plugs Yourself 

Perhaps your home only has 2-prong electrical outlets and you need to use a 3-prong plug. While some people have taken to removing the third prong from the plug themselves, this is dangerous and risky. A plug that has been altered is unstable and, while it may work for a while, it poses a great risk of electrocution and electrical fires. If you need your electrical system adjusted to accommodate 3-prong plugs, ask an electrician to come to your home and help you by upgrading the outlets that you use most frequently.

Hazard #3: Faulty or Outdated Wiring

Sometimes it’s tempting to just live with the ‘quirks’ of your home. If your home has any electrical idiosyncrasies, it’s important for you as a homeowner to check into those. Electricians in Grain Valley can inspect your home’s electrical system to see whether your home has old, faulty wiring. Some electrical issues are just quirks of your home, but others are caused by damaged, outdated wiring and can lead to fires. An electrician can help you to determine the true state of your home’s electrical system. And, of course, a local electrician can help you get your home’s electrical system safe and sound.

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