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As a homeowner, you most likely have big plans for your home. If part of those plans involves upgrading your home’s current electrical panel, you’re most likely a bit bewildered about what an upgrade entails. Never fear, there is lots of information available to you, as well as the help of nearby electricians who know their stuff. Here are a few things you should know before you undertake a panel upgrade:

Upgrades Take Hours to Days

You’ll want to make sure that you include enough time to get upgrades done correctly. If a breaker needs to be replaced or a new breaker needs to be added, the process usually only takes 1 hour. If a new subpanel is needed, the process of replacing the subpanel will depend on where the subpanel is located. The subpanel replacement process usually only takes a couple of hours. Asking an electrician in Independence to replace the panel or box can take up to several days.

Your Budget Will Depend on the Upgrade

Enlisting a residential electrician to do your upgrades will be worth it, of course. However, it’s always nice to know what you can expect to pay for upgrades. If you need your existing panel or fuse box entirely replaced, expect to shell out about $1000. If your home needs a few upgrades to the existing panel, expect to pay approximately $200. Larger upgrades that fall short of replacing the whole panel will cost somewhere between $200 and $1000.

Expanding, Renovating or Having Problems are Reasons to Upgrade

If you aren’t sure whether you should upgrade, take stock of your current home status. Having electrical problems right now is a good indicator that an upgrade is needed. Along with having problems, a home renovation or expansion is also a good reason to upgrade. As long as you know how your home is currently functioning, you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether electrical panel upgrades are necessary or just optional for you and your family.

When you want electrical upgrades done in Kansas City and the surrounding vicinities, call Edwards Electric LLC, one of the best electricians in Kansas City. Edwards Electric can be reached at 816-214-7091 or edwardselectricllc.com. Taking your questions to a professional will help you to get the upgrades you’re looking for with less headaches.

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