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Electrical Contractors in Kansas City | EdwardS Electric LLC

Electrical Contractors in Kansas City | EdwardS Electric LLC

Electrical Contractors in Kansas City | EdwardS Electric LLC Electrical Contractors in Kansas City | EdwardS Electric LLC

Repair, Install Or Upgrade Your Homes Electrical Today!


Services Offered But Not Limited To - Electrical Troubleshooting Kansas City - Local Electrician

Service Upgrades From 100 Amps to 200 Amps Are A Common Electrical Upgrade For Your Home. With Todays Electrical Devices It Can Put A Lot Of Strain On Your Main Breaker If It Is Overloaded. Most Homes Built Today Are Typically Equipped With A 200 Amp Service. All Electric Homes Or Homes With Work Shops, Hot Tubs Or Car Chargers (Etc.) May Need A 200 Amp Service. Fuse Panels And Out Of Date Breaker Boxes Usually Require Your Homes  electricians in kansas city Service To Be Upgraded To Current Code Standards. 

Outdoor Lighting On Your Home Or In Your Yard Is A Great Way Of Giving Your Home A Different Look And A Nice Upgrade To Your Homes Electrical System. It Can Also Be Used For Security Purposes As Well As Lighting The Paths Needed To Navigate Around Your Home And Property. LED Has Become A Very Popular Option When Choosing Outdoor Lights.

Installing Ceiling Fans To Cool Your Home Or Just To Circulate Air Is A Good Upgrade To Do Anytime Of Year. It Also Cuts Down On Your Heating And Cooling Bill Throughout The Year. Who Doesn't Want To Stay Comfortable And Save Money Doing It?  

We Install All Colors And Styles Of Switches To Control Different Types Of Devices Throughout Your Home. Do You Need A Switch Replaced Or Added? 

Tired Of High Gas Prices? We Can Install An Electric Car Charger To Take Care Of That Problem For You. Save Time And Money Going Green!

Troubleshooting Services Is One Of Our Specialties If You Can't Figure It Out Give Us A Call And We Will Get An Expert Headed Your Way. Most Problems Like This Occur When Circuits Are Overloaded.(Electrical troubleshooting services)

Sconce Style Lighting Can Really Make Nice Accent Lighting In Every Area Of Your Home. Most Homes Have A Sconce Style Light Either Inside Or Outside Your Residents. 

Is Your Stove Hard Wired? Then You May Need A Range Outlet Installed Due To Code Requirements With Todays Appliances. 

Dryer Circuit May Need To Be Ran If You Only Have A 3 Prong Outlet So That The Appliance Is Properly Grounded.

3 Way Switches Can Be Tricky But, We Install All Different Styles Of Them. In All Areas Of Your House.

Can Lighting Is A Very Modern Way Of Lighting Up Your Home. They Come In Many Sizes And Trim Colors And Look Great In Every Home.

Appliance Pigtails Are Needed For Hooking Up New Appliances So That They Can Be Disconnected Easily For Service And Repair.

Smart Switches Are A Very Convenient Way Of Turning On And Off The Lights Without Being Home. They Are Also A Really Good And Modern Upgrade To Your Homes Electrical. Can We Install Some For You?

GFCI Protection Is Required In All Wet Locations, In And Outside Of Your Home. To Keep You Safe From Electrocution.

Not All Cable Jacks Have Been Cut Yet, If You Still Need It We Can Do It For You In Any Area Of Your Home.

Surge Protection Is A Good Way To Protect Your Electrical Wiring And Homes Electronics. 

Main Breakers Go Bad And When They Do We Can Replace Them. All Different Brands And Sizes. 

Track Lighting Is A Good Way To Get A Lot Of Light In Certain Locations Of Your Home. Do You Need A Picture Or Art Work Highlighted? It May Be The Light For You Then.

Can You Ever Have To Many Receptacles? That Answer Is No. We Install And Repair A Wide Variety Of Receptacles Inside And Outside Of Your Home. 

Bath Fans Are A Great Way Of Getting That Excess Moisture Out Of The Bathroom And Also That Occasional Smell. 

Kitchen Remodels Can Be A Really Nice Addition To Your Home. We Have Done Our Fair Share Of Them, So If You Need A Hand Give Us A Call. 

Pendant Lighting Over The Kitchen Sink Or Island Can Really Turn Your Homes Look Around.  

4 Way Switches Are Not To Common Of A Problem But When They Are We Can Handle It. 

Junction Boxes Are Needed If You Have Open Air Splicing In Your Homes Electrical Wiring. Open Air Splices Can Cause A Potential Fire.  

Risers Sometimes Come Down Due To Storm Damage. We Work With Your Local Utility Companies To Get Them Back Up For You. 

Grounding Is The Most Important Part Of Keeping Your Electrical System Safe. If You Don't Have Proper Grounding You Should Consult An Electrician Immediately.

Electrical Home Inspections Are A Good Way Of Seeing If The Electrical Wiring And Devices Are Up To Code. 

We Provide Service Calls To Our Customers For All Of Your Homes Electrical Needs And Repairs.

Weather Heads Can Break Off During A Storm And Need To Be Repaired As Soon As Possible. 

Smoke Detectors Are A Way Of Keeping You And Your Family Safe. Make Sure To Frequently Change The Batteries And Test Regularly.  

Dedicated Circuits Are Typically Needed On Appliances Or On Overloaded Circuits Inside And Outside Of Your Home. 

Chandeliers Are A Very Nice Way To Get That Wow Factor When Walking Into The Home Or Any Part Of Your House. 

Jacuzzi Tubs Are An Excellent Way To Relax After A Hard Day At Work. Do You Need Us To Run A Circuit To One For You? 

Attic Fan Replacement Can Be A Difficult Task But We Have You Covered When It Comes Time To Replace Or Repair It. 

LED Lighting Is A Very Energy Efficient Way To Light Your Home Up And Upgrade The Lighting. 

Ballast Replacement Can Seem Like A Mess Of Wiring. We Install All Styles Of Ballast For Your Homes Lighting. 

Installing Door Bell Systems Can Be A Very Interesting Conversation Piece Depending On What Chime Sound You Choose For Your Home. 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are A Must Have If You Have Any Gas Appliances In Your House.

Fluorescent Lighting Can Give You Problems At Times. If This Is The Case You Are Having, Call Us Up. 

Bathroom Remodels Can Need A Lot Of Electrical Wiring And Devices Installed. Did You Need Us To Give You A Hand Or Maybe Some Ideas? 

240 Volt Circuits Are Generally Ran To Larger Appliances And We Install Several Different Size 240 Volt Lines. 

Dimmer Switches Are A Good Way Of Lowering Light Levels And Saving Money On Your Electricity Bill. 

Timers Are A Good Type Of Security When Applied to Lighting Around Your Home. They Have Many Other Uses As Well. 

Did Your House Flood? Then You Might Need A Sump Pump Circuit To Help Prevent That From Happening Again. 

Under Cabinet Lighting Installation is Good Way Of Lighting Your Countertops And Giving Your Home That More Modern Look.

Labelling Your Breaker Panel Is A Good Way To Find Out How To Shut Certain Items In Your Home Off. We Can Assist You With Knowing What Breakers Control What Items.

Sub Panels Can Be Added If Additional Circuits Are Needed In Your Home Sometimes Before An Upgrade Is Needed. 

Meter Cans Get Damaged Or Need Upgrading We Can Repair Or Install New. 

Point Of Attachments Are Needed If Your Service Line Has Been Pulled Down. We Install Them For Your Local Utility Company.

A/C Disconnects Are A Code Requirement To Have Near Your A/C Unit So It Can Be Easily Serviced. 

Repair Or Rewire Existing Wiring Can Be A Great Investment In Your Homes Electrical Safety. 

Programming Devices Can Get Frustrating If You Need A Hand Or Some Advice Give Us A Call.

Disconnecting Old Wiring Is Exactly What Needs To Happen If Lines Are Abandoned In Your Home.

 Knob And Tube Wiring Replacement or Repair Can Make Your Homes Electrical Safer. 

Permits Can Be Acquired By A Master Electrician. Did You Need Us To Get You A Permit? 

Slip Fittings Are Used When Your Service Is Underground And Has Pulled Away From The Meter Can. 

Bonding Is Now Required Between The Electrical System And The Gas Line. Is Your Gas And Electrical Bonded? 

Breaker Replacement Happens And When It Does Never Hesitate To Call An Expert To Your House. 

Electric Furnace Circuits Are Needed When Converting Your Home To An All Electric House.

Exhaust Fans Are A Great Way Of Getting Ventilation In Different Areas Of Your Home Or Shop. 

120 Volt Circuits Are In Every Home In America. Did You Need Some New 120 Volt Circuits Ran? 

How About An Over The Oven Microwave Outlet? We Can Wire It Even If You Don't Have An Existing One. 

Electric Water Heater Circuits For Tanked Or Tankless Hot Water Heaters. Water Heaters Are A Good Upgrade To Your Home.

USB Plugs Are So Convenient In Locations Phones Need To Charge. Don't Worry About Looking For That Charger Or Having To Many Things Plugged In At Once Anymore. 

Floor Outlets Can Be Added For Convenience Outlets Nearby Furniture Layouts In Any Area Of Your Home.

Security Lighting Is One Way To Protect Your Family And Your Investments. Call Us Out To Assess Your Situation. 

Remodeling Your Homes Electrical Can Get Overwhelming At Times. Let Us Take The Stress Off Your Plate By Scheduling A Technician Out. 

Do You Need To Relocate Plugs? We Are Experts in Relocating Or Installing New Ones In All Areas Of Your Home. 

Washing Machine Circuits Always Need To Be A Dedicated Circuit. With Large Appliances You Don't Want To Overload The Circuit.

100 Amp And 200 Amp Breaker Boxes Are A Great Upgrade To Your Homes Electrical System. 

Stairway Lighting Is A Great Way To Light Just The Path Needed To Get You Up And Down The Stairs. 

If Service Entrance Cable Wiring Gets Damaged Or Aged It Needs To Be Replaced Immediately. 

Landscape lighting Is A Great Way To Show Off Your Home Or Yard At Night. It Can Also Be Used For Security.

Infrared Heaters Are A Great Addition To The Back Patio Or Garage In The Colder Times Of Year. 

Saunas Require There Own Dedicated Circuits. Do You Need Us To Run A Circuit For You?

Repairing Double Tapped Breakers Is A Very Common Inspection Repot Issue That We Have To Fix. 

Repair Or Replace Light Sockets. If They Ever Become Damaged Or Loose Repair Them Immediately. 

We Can Repair Broken Pull Chain Switches. In Fans And Inside Light Fixtures Inside Of Your House.

Repair Or Replace Ungrounded Outlets You Have In Your Home. This Is A Very Common Problem In Older Homes.

Emergency Service And Repair Technicians. Qualified Electrical Contractors Ready To Repair.

Motion Sensors Or Dusk Till Dawn Lighting Are Other Types Of Security Lighting That We Can Help You Install Or Replace. 

Replace Damaged Or Worn Weather Proof Outdoor Covers

Overhead Service Replacement is Necessary If It Has Damage Or It Is To Low To The Ground. We Will Call And Schedule With Local Utility Company To Repair Issues Like This For You. 

Light Bulb Replacement Not As Easy As It Once Was Or Maybe Just A Tough To Reach Spot? We Can Help You With That. 

Disposal Outlet Quit Working On You? Maybe You Need An Outlet For It Now Because You Never Had One. Let Us Assist You In Getting It Going. 

T.V. Receptacles Are Extremely Popular Now So That You Can Mount Your T.V. On The Wall In Just About Any Location. 

Accent Lighting Is A Good Way Of Highlighting Items Inside And Outside Of Your Home, That You Want To Show Off.  

Dish Washer Plugs Are Required Now Instead Of The Old Hardwiring Way For Your Safety. 

Electrical Conduit Installation Or Replacement If Necessary If The Conduit Appears Damaged. Water Could Get In And The 2 Don't Mix.

Garage Door Outlets Are A Safer Way Of Running Your Garage Door Opener So Get Rid Of That Old Extension Cord Today. 

Basement Finishing Can Add Space To Your Home And Value To Your Investment As Well. Make Sure You Consult With An Electrician Or A Building Official About The Electrical Before You Start A Project Like This. Just To Make Sure Everything Is To Code With What You Are Wanting To Do.

These Are Just Some Of The Electrical Services, Installations, Repairs And Upgrades We Provide And So Much More!  electrician in independence, electricians in blue springs,  electricians in grain valley , residential electrician   Give Us A Call And See What We Can Do For You Today! Edwards Electric LLC 816-214-7091 or