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Switches are something that we use in our daily life several times. We generally know that they primarily work on two principles, they are turning it on and off. They are essential to operate lights, fans, ovens, including large electric fixtures. It is an integral part of the electricity system of the house. 

Switches are of two kinds. And they are:

  • Two-way switches: Two-way switches are the most widely used switching type. Two main functions of this type of switch are Turning it on and off. 
  • Three-way switches: A three-way switch system does more or less the same, except for one added function that enables to operate from two different switchboards. 

Read on to know more about three-way switches. 

Three-way switches are a little tricky when it comes to their configuration. The two critical connections are to the electric panel and the electric fixture. Three-way switches are allied to a hot wire from the electric panel and electric fixture wire. Unlike two-way switches, they have a unique wire requirement called travellers that help wires connect. 

The Three-way switches are used in an intersection with another three-way switch. You can use either of the switches to operate as per your need. Each of these switches can interrupt or restart the flow of electricity and turn the light off or on from a separate area of the room. The primary requirement of this function is both the switches must be three-way switches. 

Three-way switches can be installed as per your need. May it be in hallways, large rooms, bedrooms, or any area where there is more than one way to enter. Electricians in Raytown can help you enjoy the convenience of three-way switches at any part of your house. The main feature of a three-way switch is that it allows an individual to operate any electric fixture from two locations in your house. 

Not sure about what type of switches to configure? It purely depends on your convenience. If the area you are exploring for the switch option is relatively small and you think you will operate from a single location, opt for the two-way switch. If you want to control your electric features from two different areas in the house, then the three-way switch is the better option.

Talk to our expert Electrician in Grain Valley who helps you understand which switch type suits your requirement the best. 

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