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 Flickering lights are a major irritation for most people, but they might be a sign of something more serious. One would presume that there is an electrical voltage problem with the power provider. But there are instances when you need to investigate what is causing the flickering in your own home. Flickering lights may appear to be a small problem, but they require the immediate attention of an electrician near you. Several factors contribute to this.

Circuit Overload

If the other appliances at home, like the microwave, washing machine, televisions, and air conditioner, are working fine and only your lights are flickering, it may be an electrical overload. Electrical circuits are used to handle a certain amount of electrical load. As large appliances utilize more power, your lights get affected in the process. You can enhance your electrical circuit to handle more power.

Outdated Wiring

Electricity can jump from one circuit to another if the wiring is not insulated. Old and outdated wiring can cause electricity to jump out of its intended circuit. It can make the lights flicker as the intended circuit does not receive the needed current and cause an overheating issue leading to fire in extreme situations.

Voltage Fluctuation

Voltage fluctuations can cause your lights to flicker. Your lights are designed to handle the voltage, and fluctuations and power surges can disrupt this and cause the lights to blink. Voltage fluctuation could be the reason if the lights are dim and other electric appliances are not working. If you live in Independence you can call our local electricians in independence Missouri to fix this immediately.

Old Or Faulty Switches

Old and faulty switches can also cause your lights to flicker. Bad switches can cause electricity to leak and can cause electrocution. These bad switches are caused by bad wiring and at times accompanied by buzzing sounds. Replace the switch and check the wiring to fix this.

Loose Lights

A common saying goes, “Sometimes the simplest solution is often the right one.” Your light bulb may be loose in the socket, which is causing the flickering. You need to see if the light bulb is installed correctly and not lose contact. You can either tighten the bulb in the socket or change the socket altogether if it appears damaged. Call Edwards Electric, electrical contractors in Kansas City to do a complete electrical circuit check to solve your flickering light issue.

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