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There are numerous benefits to increasing the sustainability of your home. Firstly, you decrease your carbon footprint. Along with being kinder to your environment, a more sustainable home can also save you time and money. A more sustainable home means a lower electric bill and less time shopping to replace worn out bulbs. Here are some great ways that a local electrician can help you move toward a more sustainable home:

Swap #1: Installing an Electric Car Charger

If you’ve made the switch to an electric car, you’re taking a discernible step toward using fewer fossil fuels overall. However, you’ll need a way to power your car and keep it well charged. One of the electrical contractors in Kansas City can install a charger that can keep your car’s range high and help you step into the world of electric vehicles. An electrical contractor can show you the best place for a car charger and help you to understand how to maintain your charger so that your car stays consistently charged. 

Swap #2: Switching Lights to CFL Bulbs

CFL bulbs are a bit more expensive than traditional incandescent light bulbs, but they are proven to reduce your carbon footprint. They are also proven to last much longer than incandescent light bulbs. Switching to CFLs is a wise move if you’re looking to go greener in your home. It’s also a great idea if you’re tired of frequently needing to buy new incandescent bulbs and replace them. Some CFL bulbs can last you years, which will save you both in terms of your power bill and in terms of the amount of time you spent completing maintenance. 

Swap #3: Troubleshooting to Eliminate Wasted Wattage

Along with swaps to move away from fossil fuels, electricians in Blue Springs can give you expert advice and help to troubleshoot your electrical system. Almost every home is wasting energy in some way, and your local electrician can help you pinpoint where you are experiencing the most energy waste. Perhaps you are losing significant heat during the winter through inefficient, old windows. Maybe you’re keeping appliances plugged in that you only use once in a while and they’re adding electrical usage to your power bill. When you consult with an electrician nearby, you’ll feel better both about your time and the environment.


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