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A comprehensive rewire of your home is a significant electrical repair that many homeowners don’t know much about. While you may not know much about rewiring, it’s important to know the indicators that you may need one. A significant portion of house fires are caused by faulty electrical wiring, and missing the signs that your home’s wiring is calling out for help could be extremely costly. Here are some signs that you should call an electrician to see if your home needs rewiring:

 Sign #1: Your Outlets are Sparking 

Does one (or more) of your outlets give off sparks when you try to plug something in? This can be a sign that wiring is short-circuiting and building up the heat by the outlet. These sparks can cause serious harm to your and your family. They can also start small electrical fires, damaging the outlet, your insulation, and other parts of your home. Local electricians nearby can help you get to the bottom of the problem if you’re seeing sparks from your home’s outlets.

 Sign #2: Frequent Fluctuations in Power 

If you are wondering if you’re experiencing fluctuations in power within your home’s electrical system, there are several things you can look for. Are your lights getting periodically brighter or dimmer than normal? This can be a sign that your system has too much power and then too little power flowing through it. Are your lights flickering? This tells you that the current flowing through your system is not flowing at a consistent rate. Consulting an electrician in Raytown can help you to find out whether there is a problem in a specific part of your electrical system or whether the whole system needs to be rewired.

 Sign #3: A Slight Burning Smell 

Any burning odor in your home that you cannot find an origin for should be checked out by an electrician. While burning smells can certainly come from other sources, they can also be coming from within your walls or outlets. The reason that you may be smelling burning is that you might have loose wiring or short circuits occurring within your electrical system. These issues can create small (or big) electrical fires over time. If you watch out for these critical signs, you can ensure that you get an electrician’s help before it’s too late.

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