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Installing electrical system grounding and bonding in your home is a very important investment to make for your homes electrical system wiring and devices. Having your electrical breaker box grounded is the start to having the entire home wiring correctly grounded. Depending on jurisdiction but most homes in the Kansas City metro area have a water line ground and a ground rod that is 8 foot long and a minimum of a half of an inch in diameter completely inserted vertical into the ground. Having both forms of ground is an electrical code requirement for electricians in Independence, M.O. when completing electrical service upgrades, breaker box replacements or rewiring a home just to name a few items. Your homes receptacles may have a 3rd ground prong but is it truly grounded to code? Not if the device doesn’t have a ground that originates from the breaker panel that is also properly grounded to code.

Electricians in Blue Springs have to add an additional 8 foot ground rod when properly grounding the electrical system in your homes electrical breaker panel. There are many different ways an electrical system can be grounded to code. Always check with the local authorities that have jurisdiction where your residential home is located before doing any type of repairs or installs yourself. Every electrical outlet, switch, light fixture (etc.) Should have a grounding wire present regardless if it gets used or not on the device or appliance. Electrical system bonding is an extremely important thing to do when installing electrical devices in metal enclosures in any location inside or outside your residential home. Bonding electrical systems to metal enclosures helps prevent electrical hazards such as electrocution. If you have natural gas appliances in your home and live in the greater Kansas City area then your gas lines need to be bonded to your electrical system to meet current code requirements. Type in Electricians near me in your smartphone or computer and get a certified electrician like Edwards Electric LLC to come and check your homes grounding and bonding. Licensed and Insured electricians. Locally and family owned electrical contractor. 816-214-7091 or Edwardselectricllc.com 

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