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If you own or are managing a building or a commercial property, you must be looking for ways in which you can save electricity. Reducing your electricity bills will be good for your pocket and good for the environment. If you are on the West Coast, Edward electricals local electrician in Independence Missouri can help check all your fittings and fixtures. 

 Below are a few tips that you can implement to reduce your electricity bill.

Improve Your Light Fixtures

Upgrading your light fixtures will go a long way in reducing your bill due to the sheer number of lights in a commercial space. Check if any lights are flickering, they might be faulty and will need immediate replacement. Replace all regular light bulbs and tubes with environmentally friendly LED versions. LED lights reduce your electricity bill by as much as 60%. These fixtures last way longer and are a good investment in the long run. Install motion sensor lights in areas like restrooms, conference rooms, and employee break rooms. The lights will turn on and off on their own, and you will not have to get on the back of forgetful employees.


Use Power Mode On All Devices

Change the settings of all your office equipment such as the computers, printers, laptops, projectors to their power-saving mode. These power-saving modes might seem like a drop in the ocean, but if you have a large commercial space, you will have a lot of devices, so that’s a lot of savings overall.

Engage The Energy Saving Settings On Your Thermostat

Employees almost go out on an all-out war over the thermostat. Some think it’s too hot, while others think it’s too cold. You being the one in charge, needs to make sure the thermostat is put on its energy-saving mode. You can ask employees who still feel hot to install mini fans in their cubicles. Those who find it too cold can be encouraged to wear extra layers. You cannot make all your employees happy. Your main aim is to see the energy bill not go out of control.

Get Regular Energy Audits

You need to have your property audited annually to make sure that the electrician can audit and see if there are more ways in which you can save on your energy bill. One of the reputed electrical contractors in Independence, Edwards Electrical believes that every commercial space is unique, and requires its customized plan for energy savings. They can help create a customized plan that will take into consideration the customer’s budget before coming up with suggestions. Contact us today and we can schedule an audit immediately.


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