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Thunderstorms or lightning strikes can cause a lot of electrical hazards. This is the time where you need to protect yourself and make sure that any risk of injury or even death is minimized. Follow these safety tips when there is a storm.

Stuck In A Thunderstorm When Outside

If possible, stay at home when there is a thunderstorm. However, there are occasions when you are stranded outside during a rainstorm. Lightning generally strikes the tallest item in its path. Keep a safe distance from any surrounding trees, as well as anything composed of metal, such as benches or power poles. If you aren’t alone and with a small group of individuals, you should put some distance between yourself and them. Stay inside your vehicle and away from any water bodies such as swimming pools, or even puddles.

Staying Safe Indoors

When there is a thunderstorm, the safest place for you to be is inside. However, lightning can travel through electrical systems, television, and metal wires, or bars in concrete walls. As a result, you must still take a few safety measures. Bring your pets inside and don’t leave them outside in their dog pounds, which aren’t weatherproof. Keep your distance from any windows or doors as thunderstorms are usually accompanied by strong winds. Always stay away from water and don’t shower during a thunderstorm, as lightning can travel through plumbing. Don’t use the sink and also your bathtub at this time. Avoid using your TV, mobile phones, or any other electrical equipment.

Electronic Devices

Your Electricians in Grain Valley devices are susceptible to damage during a thunderstorm. Surge protectors will be your best friend at this time. They will protect your devices from any power surge during a storm. The simplest method to follow if you don’t have a surge protector is to simply unplug your devices. Don’t use your mobile phones near doors and windows, and stay away from landlines.


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