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For any organization safety of employees is of top priority at the workplace. Electric shocks, short circuits, or any other kind of electric problem can spell disaster. This is why preventing electrical hazards is of the utmost importance.


Faulty Equipment


Regular inspection of any electrical equipment, even if it is a high-quality one, is critical. Be it any power tools or even something as simple as junction boxes, everything must be inspected for safety regularly. Avoid temporary fixes to the equipment like tapes or soldering to reduce your repair costs. Make sure to make permanent fixes so that there are no accidents at the workplace. 


Humidity and Wet Conditions

Using electrical equipment in wet conditions can be disastrous. Never mess with electricity near water. Any water on the ground or anywhere nearby where there is any electrical equipment should be cleaned immediately. Keep electrical equipment dry and always check for moisture before use. Water and electricity together will electrocute you instantly if you are not careful.


Circuit Overload


Power cords or extension boards are only meant to be used for a certain amount of electricity usage. If you use it for equipment consuming higher voltage than what it is meant for, it can cause the wire to burn or the circuit to overload and shut down. In many cases, it can also lead to a fire if the circuit is overloaded. Change all old wiring and check them regularly. Don’t overuse the extension sockets. Instead, hire a certified electrical contractor who will give you safer options.

Lack Of Earthing

The purpose of earthing is to prevent electrical shocks when you use power sockets and circuits. It prevents unwanted voltage from electrocuting you. Removing a ground pin from a point is a bad idea because it is essential to prevent an electric shock. 

We at Edwards Electric are professional electrical contractors in Independence with vast experience. We can ensure that all electrical equipment is safe. We provide regular inspection and maintenance too. We are the top-rated electrical company in Kansas City. We are a proud A+ member of the Better Business Bureau, Super Service Award Winner On Angie’s List For Multiple Years.


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