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When it comes to making electrical replacements, and or upgrades to your residential homes outlets and switches safety is always number one. Never hesitate to call in a local electrician if the job seems like something you are uncomfortable with. If you do decide to tackle it yourself you first need to safely disconnect the power to your electrical device before beginning any upgrades or repairs to your receptacles or switches. Once the power has been shut off you need to now pull the electrical device out of the outlet box. Disconnect all of your line leads first starting with the hot wire then your neutral wire and finally your ground wire. When installing the new receptacles or switches you will wire it backwards from how you disconnected it by first installing your grounding wire back.

This wire is the most important wire when it comes to your safety with electrical components. It is an earth connected wire that is usually bare or has a green outer electrical insulation possibly with a yellow stripe even. It typically lands around the green terminal screws on the device, or connects to a green or bare copper or equivalent wire which is usually attached to the device. Once you have attached your ground wire back to your electrical outlet or switch it’s now time to hook your neutral or grounded wire back. Electricity works in a circle so your hot wire brings electricity to the device and the white (typically) neutral or grounded wire brings the power back. This wire can carry an unbalanced load on it which can result in shock if the power is not disconnected properly. Switches generally do not have a neutral or grounded wire attached to it. Receptacles typically have a silver screw terminal located on the same side as the ground. Wrap your wire clockwise around the terminal and tighten down the screw. Now for our last wire the hot wire. This is typically the only wire carrying current on it. This wire is generally linked to the breaker that has been shut off to perform the electrical tasks. This wire usually goes to your brass-colored screw terminal on your switch or receptacle.

Once again wrap your wire clockwise around the screw terminal and tighten down. Once completed inserting the device back into the box in or on the wall with the screws that were provided with the device. Put your plate cover back on. Now its time to turn your breaker back on and test your device to make sure everything is working properly!

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