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Are you thinking about replacing your old fuse panel or outdated breaker box with an upgraded electrical panel 100 or maybe 200 amps? Well if you are upgrading your electrical service panel it is always a good investment to make in the future of your homes electrical needs, wants or even safety. Old and out of date breaker boxes and fuse panels may not have the room for adding additional electrical wiring circuits in the house. That’s in addition to already being an electrical hazard in your home. When upgrading your electrical panel you should consider a few things. Is a 100 amp breaker box going to be my best investment or should I go with a 200 amp breaker panel? And the answer to that question depends on several different things like the number of electrical wiring circuits you have in your home, the size of the home, what type of electrical circuits and devices are running in the home and are you thinking of adding anything electrical in the future like a finished basement, work shop or maybe a hot tub or electric car charger?

Have you set aside a budget for going with the larger 200 amp breaker panel upgrade or does the 100 amp breaker box upgrade fit your homes needs and into your budget more comfortably? These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself before consulting with a local electrician. Maybe you don’t need to upgrade your electrical service panel box it could just need to be repaired. Average repairs to breaker panels can be a lot less expensive than replacing the entire breaker box. When double tapped neutrals are present in the electrical panel you can usually get away with adding an additional grounding bar in your electrical box. Some electrical inspections find oversized breakers which is commonly an inexpensive fix compared to the whole electrical panel being replaced. If you are adding a circuit and your breaker box appears to be full of breakers some breaker panel boxes will have a twin style or quad style breaker to add additional spaces to a breaker panel box that appears full. If for some reason these style of breakers won’t work for your electrical application you could always consider adding in a sub panel for additional circuits in your house.

Sub breaker boxes are additional breaker panels added when your main breaker box is full of circuits and you are wanting to add more circuits to your home. Either way you going with the decision of your homes electrical upgrade or electrical repair Edwards Electric LLC is a near by local electrician that can help determine the route that is best for you by involving you in the decision of your home. We are family owned and operated as well as being fully licensed and insured. Edwards Electric LLC is a trusted name in your community and around the entire greater Kansas City, Missouri area. Please give us a call or email us so we can get you on our customer convenient schedule! Call 816-214-7091 or email Edwardselectricllc.com and get scheduled today!

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